Take cuttings


REQUIRES – Access to a plant you want a cutting of, that you can take a cutting of. Examples of plants that can be grown from cuttings and that are also good for bees include ivy, heather, rosemary and lavender. Plus you will need the right equipment (scissors, plant pots, dibber, compost, etc.)

HOW TO – Here’s a link to a WikiHow page detailing the process. Confession- I’ve not done it myself yet but will update this page when I’ve tried it myself!

CONSIDERATIONS  – Cuttings don’t work from every plant but a good gardener’s or plant guide should explain which plants will and won’t.

HOW DOES THIS HELP – It’s another way to diversify the plants in your garden or yard to give your local bees more food options!

BONUS REWARD – After taking a cutting you will appear a gardening expert to a lot of people! But… in all honesty it’s great to expand your skills!

FURTHER INFORMATION – Downloads this great PDF from the RHS “How to take cuttings” it’s really for kids but covers all the basics!


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