August in the yard


This post is really an excuse to put some new pictures of my yard up. I’m rather proud of it after all!

It’s been summer and stuff has grown happily. I have been enjoying eating yellow cherry toms, smelling sweet peas and watching bees enjoy the various plants I have provided for them.  It seems gardening has much to teach me, a 21st century woman hooked on my mobile, Neflix and instant gratification. Gardening takes time and there are no instant results – it’s a bit like saving money up, basically doing something today for tomorrow (or next Spring). This quote from the beautiful Audrey Hepburn kind of says it all.

Audrey Hepburn Quote | best stuff. loves Audrey!!!! <3 She inspires us when designing our women's fashion.



One of my favourites – sweet peas.


Cotoneaster is a bee favourite – my lovely auntie sent this one to start me off.

IMG_7035My crazy Mint plant has flowered – I believe bees enjoy it but I’ve not seen one on it yet!


The honeysuckle has grown to the top of the trellis already! It must be happy there!


Yummy sweet cherry tomatoes!


This gorgeous rose is my favourite, I love it’s bright red colour.

My husband had bought me it as one of those single red roses they try and sell you in restaurants (this one was from Valentine’s Day last year).  I’m a bit of a soppy soul to be honest (Shhh…) and thought I’d try and plant the stem and see what happened. Over time it began sprouting leaves, and then from June this year grew vigorously then produced this gorgeous flower. I’m not a great gardener, but I must have done something right with this one!

How’s your summer going? Has your garden yielded any surprises for you?

bee decoration