Supply fresh water in your yard or garden


HOW TO – Fresh water in your garden is invaluable to wildlife in your garden, even bees. To create a water source for bees find a fairly shallow container, fill it with rocks, pebbles and mulch which will create a place for bees to land, ensuring they don’t drown. Fill with fresh water, ideally daily, not filling up past the tops of your rocks and pebbles. If you’ve got some old plant pots hanging around, or even suitable dishes, you can create a bird bath with inspiration from the following pictures. There’s no need to paint your pots like these, it doesn’t make it more attractive to the bird! If you’ve got a tree why not take a large shallow dish and secure it to a tree with wire? There’s plenty of inspiration on Pinterest

bird baths


CONSIDERATIONS – Keep the water topped up and tip out dirty water, places where lots of individuals go, whether it bees or birds, could be a place where diseases are spread to change the water daily, and try and keep it fairly clean!

HOW DOES THIS HELP – Bees get thirsty and need access to fresh water. If they visit ponds they may fall in or be predated upon. Providing them a dedicated resource is safer for them. Birds need fresh water to drink, but also to help them preen and keep their feathers clean. Furthermore honeybees forage water and take it back to the colony according to this source, Honey Bee Suite

BONUS REWARD – Birds and insects visiting your garden!





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