Stop using pesticides


REQUIRES – A garden / yard where you have been applying pesticides

HOW TO – Stop buying and applying pesticides!

CONSIDERATIONS – If you’ve used pesticides for a while, and have decided to change your ways it will probably require some research into organic methods and also some trial and error to maintain the results you are used to. If you’re getting down about a pest remember that it’s part of mending your garden and getting into a natural, organic state again. After a while the associated predator or your particular pest will arrive and help you sort it out!

HOW DOES THIS HELP – it’s well known that pesticides damage the environment and many believe that they are the major contributer to the decline in bee numbers, so it makes sense that stopping their use will help! It’s likely that you will improve the overall appeal of your garden for wildlife by stopping them.

BONUS REWARD – Think of all the knowledge about organic gardening you will gather!

FURTHER INFORMATION – This is a great site to get advice about organic gardening


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