Stop mowing!


REQUIRES – A lawn of some description to stop mowing!

HOW TO –Don’t mow! If you don’t want to go the whole hog just leaving a small portion of the lawn unmown will help wildlife in your garden.

CONSIDERATIONS –Whether or not you can cope with a garden that might look a bit “messy”, and if you’re doing this in a front garden will your neighbours complain? Of course, if they do there’s the opportunity to explain what you’re doing and share the bee-love!

HOW DOES THIS HELP – Allowing grasses to grow long gives butterflies and other invertebrates an opportunity to lay their eggs. Some plant species that will start to grow in your lawn if you stop mowing -e.g. clover and dandelions are a great food source for bees too.

BONUS REWARD –You literally save time!

FURTHER INFO – If you do decide to mow your lawn and it’s mid summer please do it in the cooler parts of the day when bees are no longer foraging to avoid unfortunate casualties – my guess would be early or later when the sun is not as bright.



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