Seed balls


REQUIRES You will need a small amount of money to buy seed balls or the ingredients to make them as well as a very small amount of time to distribute them (e.g. chuck them in the place you’ve identified as needing bee-autifying!)

HOW TO There’s plenty of places to buy seed balls ready made, I recommend SEEDBALL as they seem jolly nice people on twitter (@seed_ball) and their profits go to Project Maya, an organisation aiming to educate people about the benefits of permaculture! If you’re a make-it-yourself type visit this handy Wikihow page for instructions.

CONSIDERATIONS If you make the seed balls yourself please choose good quality seeds for plant species bees like to pollinate. You can harvest seeds in late Summer / Autumn, swap seeds with friends or buy from a reputable buyer such as the Wildflower Shop.

HOW DOES THIS HELP You’re effectively planting bee friendly plant species with little effort. Plus it’s a little bit exciting and daring to seed bomb your neighbourhood so you might be able to get some friends on board too.

BONUS REWARD It’s exciting and I think you can say you’re a guerilla gardener if you’ve done some seed bombing! Serious cachet!

FURTHER INFO See all the sites quoted for more info.


A seed ball!

A seed ball!

So whaddya think – are you going to give it a go? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.


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