Seed Collecting


REQUIRES – Some spare time and access to outside space – maybe a park / nature reserve. I’m going to say ask for permission if you think it could be a problem, but as long as you’re not taking copious amounts of seeds I can’t imagine seed collecting being a problem to anyone. Perhaps not gardens though eh?

HOW TO – The basics are: 1. Identify a plant to collect the seeds from (you could make a mental note of plants covered in bees earlier in the year 2. When the seed pod is mature return and cut the seed pod off (you might need to take some gloves and scissors dependent on the plant) 3. When you’re home you can sort the seeds out, if the seed pod was damp I would spread the seeds out and allow to dry for a week or two before you pack them 4. Put seeds into an envelope labelled with the date and place collected and the species 5. You might have to do some research or simply guess about when the best time is to sow.

CONSIDERATIONS – Land owners or busy bodies could be a problem. I think it’s worth saying that it you should clean your hands thoroughly after seed collecting and don’t eat any seeds either (Sorry I know you’re not silly, I just don’t want to get sued – haha!)

HOW DOES THIS HELP – It gives you the opportunity to collect seeds of plants you know are bee friendly. Also if you’re collecting seeds from wildflowers they are more likely to be a native variety, although they still could be a garden escapee! Don’t let that stuff worry you too much though.

BONUS REWARD – Free seeds! Plus think of all the amazing knowledge and ID skills you will develop

FURTHER INFO – Visit the RHS’s Seed Collecting page




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