Online campaigning and Activism


REQUIRES – An internet connection and some free time!

HOW TO – Activism is something that can take up as little or as much time as you’d like… although you may find yourself more and more invested as time goes on! It can be as simple as visiting online petition sites and adding your signature to a worthwhile campaign. You could write to your local MP asking them to consider bee-related issues. There are lots of ways to get involved, and if you’re a crafty person why not look into Craftivism?

CONSIDERATIONS – Which issues you are particularly passionate about? Look for, or even create, campaigning opportunities that match up with you.

HOW DOES THIS HELP – Campaigning raises awareness about issues, be it with your friends, family, council members, MPs etc… sometimes people in power don’t know why something is important / potentially dangerous – because frankly they don’t know everything – but that’s where you can help! 🙂

BONUS REWARD-  You’ll be a warrior fighting for wildlife on the front line!

FURTHER INFORMATION – Do your own research! Devour the websites of different conservation organisation’s webpages, read the environment section in the papers too or even go to your local library – find out where and how you can help!


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