Let’s bee kinder


Hi and welcome to Bee Kinder!

Here at Bee Kinder you will find ideas of how to help bees that suit your budget, diary and living arrangements.

Ideas for you if you’re looking to invest in a bee friendly project … or… bee friendly ideas on a budget
Ideas for bee friendly projects if you’ve got some time to spare …or… ideas for if you’re really time poor
Bee friendly ideas for those with gardens or yards …or…  if you’ve not got any outside space

This site has been created because we all know that bees are in trouble and want to help but quite simply it’s such a massive problem a lot of us find it hard to believe we can make a difference. Or maybe you feel like you don’t have enough time or money to do something worthwhile? However every contribution really contributes and it’s important that everybody helps bees! This site shows that we can all help even if we’ve got hardly any time, money and no back yard! Head over to my blog to check out my own efforts to improve things for my local bees.

Please send me updates and pictures of your efforts – tweet me @laluce84 or leave a comment below!

bee decoration


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