Join the Bumblebee Conservation Society


REQUIRES – A bit of money to join – individual membership is £20 per year

HOW TO – Simples. Visit the Bumblebee Conservation Society’s website and join!

CONSIDERATIONS – If you’re more of a practical type you might not want to just join a society but of course join a society doesn’t stop you doing any of the other ideas – and indeed you will likely get some amazing ideas from the BCS!

HOW DOES THIS HELP – Straight from the horses’ mouth membership helps the BCS to “fund and support our work to conserve habitats, raise awareness and influence policies to support bumblebees.”

BONUS REWARD – You get a lot for your membership  – an attractive poster and factsheets with hints and tips about gardening or bumblebee identification, a packet of bee-friendly flower seeds, an ‘enamel’ bumblebee pin badge, a car window sticker and opportunities to get involved in conservation events and programmes.

FURTHER INFO – Where better to start than the BCS’s website?

Bumblebee Conservation Trust


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