Ethical consuming


REQUIRES – I’m not going to lie, this one will require a bit of research, and thus some time.

HOW TO – You can look up shops and brands that make efforts to improve their environmental impact. You can shop at local farms, to support local business, particularly if you know they make efforts to improve the environment. Ethical Consuming is a large website with lots of information for you to delve into. If you know of any other online resources which would help those beginning down this path please post below. The Soil Association advocates buying organic produce as organic farms will not be using neonicotinoid pesticides which harm bees. To go down the path of ethical consuming why not pick one item to start with, to avoid becoming overwhelmed and discouraged. I find that if I pick one item, be it a food or cosmetic or a practise, research ways to change it and then before I know it I have changed something for the better. You can keep following this model and eventually you will be living a much more eco-conscious life! A great book which talks about ethical and eco living is “How Green are my Wellies” by Anna Shephard

CONSIDERATIONS – Some eco-friendly, organic products will be slightly more expensive than their conventional counterparts. Becoming an ethical consumer is a process which takes time and a certain amount of commitment. Furthermore you may meet people who are further down this road than you, if you can try and get tips from them, but if they’re holier than thou and snobbish about their eco-credentials please don’t take it to heart – everybody starts somewhere don’t they?

HOW DOES THIS HELP – For example buying cut flowers from a business like Green and Gorgeous ensures that you are supporting wildlife as this company looks at the overall health of their cutting garden – this includes supporting invertebrates.

BONUS INFO – Improved health and connection to nature and food production




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