Create or buy a bee motel


REQUIRES – money to buy either the materials or a ready made bee hotel!  You will need somewhere to hang or install your bee motel but even an outside wall near vegetation or trees could be suitable.

HOW TO – it’s quite easy to make a simple bee hotel.  Buy some bamboo (B&Q sell it) and cut it into similar lengths and then simply tie them together with some twine.  You can attach a longer piece to hang it off a nail if you like or you can try and wedge it into a tree or wall.  Or you can arrange bamboo lengths in a pile – there’s no need to hang it.

CONSIDERATIONS – Cost!  Its worth costing up the ready made versus custom made options for price and suitability.  The ready made options probably look a bit prettier but of course you will probably be spending more.  Plus, if you buy the raw ingredients you will probably be able to make more than one bee motel and share them with your friends – share the bee love!

HOW DOES THIS HELP – Give bees a place to rest and have a snooze!  You will likely find other insects make use of it – you can become a regular entomologist!

BONUS REWARD – What’s not a bonus about becoming a regular entomologist!


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