REQUIRES For this one you will need access to some outside space (preferably a garden). Take a look at your space and ask yourself the following, how many plants can you comfortably fit? How many different types of fruit would you like? Can you fit them in? You will also need time to buy your fruit bushes (either as canes or seeds) and then a bit of time to plant them! Easy! You may also need to bribe friends and family to help you bring your crop in, although I’m sure most people wouldn’t object to being paid in raspberries (be sure to leave a few for the birds!).

HOW TO You can buy soft fruit canes from garden centres and even supermarkets. Victoriana Garden Nurseries has an amazing range of different species of fruits for you to try.

CONSIDERATIONS It may be possible to plant soft fruit canes in plant pots but I imagine it’s easier if you have a garden so you can plant directly into the soil. You’ll need a reasonable amount of space, although as long as you decide which and how many plants to have bearing in mind the space you have you should be fine! You may have trouble with pests sometimes – try and keep your garden healthy and resist the urge to spray your plants with pesticides, try researching organic methods instead!

HOW DOES THIS HELP Many soft fruits are in the Rosaceae family of plants which bees love to visit so go for it! 🙂

BONUS REWARD Er… beautiful home grown fruit!? And all the things that come with it – jam, cakes, preserves, village fetes etc.. etc…

FURTHER INFO This Which Gardening page will help you



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