Create a mini orchard


REQUIRES – money to buy saplings, a largish garden (e.g. room to plant a few trees) and time to create and maintain.

HOW TO – This American website contains general information about creating your own beautiful orchard. 

CONSIDERATIONS – This is perhaps only worth attempting in a house you intend to inhabit for awhile, otherwise you might miss out on that delicious fruit. Usually fruit trees are bought as very small plants and it could take a few years for them to start producing fruit.

HOW DOES THIS HELP – Bees can pollinate the early Spring blossom of fruit trees and find habitat. Plus orchards are great for other types of wildlife too.

BONUS REWARD – juicy home grown fruit for you, your neighbours and the wildlife!

FURTHER INFO – To learn more visit The London Orchard Project, they have a great resources page.

Sefton ParkWow! You’ve tried to make an orchard? Well done you, let me know how it’s going in the comments and please send me pics on twitter. 



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