Create a herb garden


REQUIRES – a small amount of space, money to buy your seeds / herbs, a bit of time to plant up

HOW TO – you can plant your herbs all in one bed, or plant a raised bed or if it suits you better you can have a range of pots with herbs in – mixed or singular.   Decide what herbs you particularly enjoy and make this a herb garden that works for you too!   There are many species of herb that bees enjoy too – particularly chives and comfrey!

CONSIDERATIONS –  A problem with herbs  for bees is that once the herb flowers it starts to become “leggy” and put it’s energy into the flower instead of its leaves meaning they lose their flavour a bit.  Regularly pruning for cooking stops this problem however it removes the bee-friendliness of course!  To get around this maybe have two of each species – one for the bees, one for you 🙂

HOW DOES THIS HELP – Yummy herbs for your garden bees and for your tum!

BONUS REWARD – juicy home grown fruit for you, your neighbours and the wildlife!

FURTHER INFO – This site acts more of a bank of bee friendly ideas so I don’t go into the wheres and hows but this brilliant website should help you – Herb planting for bees


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