Traffic island wildflower meadows


In this day and age it’s unusual for somebody to compliment the council, but that’s just what I’d like to do. Roads around Bolton are currently beautifully decorated by stunning wildflowers in bloom at the moment… it’s a joy to drive past! This is a simple post but I wanted to share the some gorgeous images.


There’s an area at the top of Beaumont Rd, a roundabout in Johnson Fold and a road verge in Westhoughton. Earlier in the year I saw the area on Beaumont Rd seemingly razed to the ground and I’ll admit it I was pretty scathing of the powers that be at that point! I imagined they’d just sprayed a ton of pesticide down and left the area to fend for itself. Although they perhaps did pesticide the area, I’m trying instead to believe that the area was mown then planted with wildflower mix… yes I have been called naive in my life.



IMG_6448IMG_6392Aren’t these flowers simply breathtaking? I don’t think the best gardener in the world could do better. They’re just thrown together in a seed mix but where they’ve landed has created perfect photographs a few months later.

As you can tell bees relish these types of flowers, if you’ve got room why don’t you try and replicate this in your own garden? I have a post about it here, which I will be adding to over time. The bees and your camera will thank you!!

Does your town do anything special like this? Let me know in the comments, I’m really interested in town’s that appreciate and enhance their natural beauty.

bee decoration


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