Backyard make-over



In my last post, I spoke about my backyard make-over, which is mainly the handiwork of my amazing Dad!  I’ve been trying to make my backyard more hospitable for bees for a year or so now – and happily it is working quite well; here’s a little pic of a bee enjoying my sage plant (I bought this plant more for its culinary potential… but never mind!).  I also found these little spiderlings hanging around on the Buddleia. I’ve no idea what species they might be, but is it weird that I think they’re pretty cute?



Anyway, the majority of the backyard make-over has now been finished by my aforementioned amazing Dad, so I decided to share some pictures today.  I can’t lie, I’m pretty pleased with it – so I’m showing off a little bit too!  We began with a rather small, non-descript yard in sunny North West England.  A lot of people are “stuck” with little yards like this.  I think they’re very typical and they can feel like a pretty poor substitute for a garden.  I wanted to show that any outside space can be used for the good of nature, but can also be good for you too!  Here’s the rather rough sketch I did that we were working to:



The original plan was to simply screw the purchased decking (which had been cut to length) on to the salvaged pallet we were given.  As you can see, this resulted in a rather small decking area which was a bit too small for our little picnic table.  As the point of the decking area was to provide a place to eat outside, we decided to make the area larger.  The original plan was to get hold of another pallet, but this wouldn’t have fit in the area properly, so Dad devised a new plan to make the decking area larger by expanding it using salvaged planks of wood.  In the next picture you can see where we started adding our salvaged wood trellis to the wall which we planned to hang plant pots on.


The final picture shows the very nearly finished beautiful decking area in my backyard!  My dad used a pallet, salvaged wood, decking purchased from B&Q and various screws to create this lovely decked area with trellis, perfect to hang bee friendly plants and even a tumbling tomato or two!  This gives me a lot more space to hang plants, as I must admit I was running out of room thanks to all my random plant pots, and it was making it hard to get the bins out.  It’s also great for summer BBQs and drinks!  So what do you think? Do you have a backyard?  Would you consider doing something like this in your own yard?




2 thoughts on “Backyard make-over

  1. It is great Lucy, quite an achievement. I’ll pass on a cutting of my cotoneaster, which we have grown from a cutting taken as a souvdnir from a holidy in Dorset. It is a variety that grows horizontally and will be great for your yard. It attracts a huge variety and quantity of bees so it is great to listen to as much as look at!

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