Follow Friday


Follow Friday is a well established theme on Twitter, so I thought I’d use Fridays to write on my blog about people in the bee / environment “world” doing cool and inspirational stuff! You could follow them on twitter, check out their blog / website from time to time – whatever you want. I think supporting people on social media may have the positive effect of further encouraging them, it networks caring people together and of course their ideas and passion inspires us, the reader to make changes too!

Brigit Strawbridge is an activist and campaigner, who often uses social media to discuss and protest the threats faced by bees, and hence humans and the wider environment. She writes a blog,and is a frequent tweeter (follow her at @B_Strawbridge or @Bumblebee_Farm). Brigit operates a bee sanctuary and self catering flat in Cornwall, called… as you might have guessed… Bumblebee Farm. It sounds pretty idyllic there to be honest, she has her own hens, grows food and has lots of wildflowers…. maybe I should book myself in.

Finally, here’s a video of her talking about how to garden for bees, which contains a lot of great information.

If you have friends doing up their garden or anything at the moment please recommend they visit my page in particularly “How to Bee Kinder” as perhaps they could build some of the ideas I’ve collected together. Thanks for reading!




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