A few bee friendly weekend activities


I hope you are enjoying this glorious weather! Have you been out gardening? I have, but my main focus has been trying to save my lupin from the ravages of slugs! Any advice would be gratefully received. So, if you’re looking for a couple of bee friendly activities you could undertake this sunny weekend, you are obviously in the right place!

1. Lend your signature to this campaign: Bayer: Withdraw neonicotinoids from the market. This petition is simply asking Bayer, who are a global chemical company, to stop manufacturing neonicotinoids which have been shown to poison bees. The signature is very near it’s target of 150,000 now, so please go across and sign! This poorly bee thanks you!

2. If you’re hoping to plant some lovely flowers that will appeal to your bees, you might be interested in Higgledy Garden’s Seeds to Sow in May collection, which for less than twenty pounds gives you around twelve species to plant, including the gorgeous Corncockle, which bees adore…

Photo by davesgarden.com

…see! Plus there’s free P&P.

3. Finally I found this great article on Organic Authority which gives ideas for creating beautiful vertical gardens. These ideas are great for people with yards too, as they won’t take up limited floor space! Personally I loved this tree arrangement and am going to work out how to do it with paint rather than rails as I’m not sure where I’d get them from. Is vertical gardening something you would try?

vertical garden


Thanks for reading, and get out there and enjoy the sunshine!

bee decoration



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