Spring Ideas


To use a cliche massively overused at this time of year – spring has sprung in my own little yard, and it’s looking jolly pretty even if I do say so myself!

The primulas have produced large purple globes of tiny florets atop long straight stems, speaking of purple globes the chive has started sprouting it’s own (they look lovely on a plate of goat’s cheese!), the lavender has some new, lush green growth and the mint has come bounding out of the sides of my herb box. In Autumn last year I planted some tulip bulbs, as I was conscious I hadn’t planted much and I’d nearly run out of time for the year… again! I’m not sure of their worth for bees and I’ve never seen a bee land on one yet, but tulips are really pretty too, look I have proof! Only two of them have grown but they are glorious! Here’s the red and yellow star of the show.


The brightness of the garden and the improved weather has been rather inspiring and I’ve been making plans about what to try next with my yard. I have a nice new bee motel to install, and I’d love to add some more planting space – in my dreams I’d install a raised bed for some veggies. The yard has dirty old paving stones and I’d love to spruce them up a bit – I’m flirting with creating a bleach design on them, although maybe that wouldn’t be the best medium for a supposed wildlife yard? I found this design which looks amazing… I’m confident it’d look equally fabulous in my yard!

bleack graffiti

If you’re short on space too, then thinking vertically is a good idea. I’ve seen a few great ideas on Pinterest and it’s always worth checking out the gardening boards for inspiration. Home Stories has a great tutorial detailing how to make a plant pot tower, these look especially effective when planted up with trailing species. If you need further inspiration (surely not!?) here is a picture of a finished version of a plant pot tower I’ve borrowed off Pinterest. Are plant pot towers something you would try in your own garden? Let me know how you’re spending the sunnier weekends in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

plant pot tower

bee decoration





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