Ness Gardens


Had a lovely treat yesterday – husbandy and I visited lovely Ness Gardens. It on the Wirral Penninsula which seemed like a little slice of heaven from what we saw! Visit Ness’ website to find out more. Admission is pretty pricey if I’m honest (£6.50 each) but it is a large garden and extremely well looked with a lovely variety of plants and wildlife so you kind of forget the initial sting! They have a nice cafe too – I recommend the lemon drizzle!

I’m not the best walker so we focussed on one side of the garden with plans already made to come again and look at the other side. We started off in the heather garden which the bees seemed to enjoy as much as we did!

A honeybee (I think...) enjoying the yummy heather

A honeybee (I think…) enjoying the yummy heather

The variety of Heather species were interspersed with other little plants including this lovely (I can only remember that it’s name is Heavenly Blue), little succulents and a cute daisy.

Heavenly Blue

Heavenly Blue



Then we came across a huge patch of Borage (again, I think, please correct me if I’m wrong – I like to learn) and the bees were loving that even more than the Heather! Here’s a couple of photos for you (can you tell I got a fancy camera for my birthday?)



A bonus ladybird I didn't notice until I uploaded!

A bonus ladybird I didn’t notice until I uploaded!


After this we looked at the Potager section, but it needs a month or so yet nothing much on display. There’s a cute white greenhouse there with a rockery and little succulents and alpine plants. Some more photos for your viewing pleasure.


A beautiful pinky red Helleborine…


On the way to the garden centre we saw this little beauty and that’s where I’ll leave you! Go to Ness – if you’re into plants you’ll like it and even if you’re not particularly it’s a nice walk and place to visit.



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