The back yard… a year later


I’ve completely neglected the blog on this site, but I swear I’ve been working hard – look at the other section of my site! There’s plenty going on! I’m creating an online resource of bee friendly ideas that everyone can use as they’re grouped by cost, time commitment and whether you need a garden or not. Please go and check it out, let me know if you have any ideas of you own that I can add or any information that I can add, you can tweet me or leave a comment.

Anyway whilst I’m recommend these ideas to my reader it’s only fair that I try and do them myself too and I can monitor if I get more bees visiting! I’m not doing too badly though as just today I spent 20 minutes gardening and noticed 2 bees – one big fat bumblebee (I need to work on my bee ID skills) and another one which looked like a masonry bee. I’ll camp out one day and try and get some shots.

So today I had to clear tons of ivy which were trying to smother all my plants! I was happy to see my herb box still contains ivy, bay and rosemary even though they may be leaning perilously towards the light from under the ivy.

I left some plants in situ over Winter even though they looked pretty dead (mainly cos I’m lazy) but happily a couple of them have sprung back into action, including my comfrey (a bee fave don’t you know!)

IMG_6295Can you see the little Bluebell buds getting ready? I can’t wait for them to flower!



From what I’ve read I wasn’t expecting the marjoram to survive the Winter but survive it did… here’s the evidence 🙂


Here’s my beautiful cowslips and purple primulas back for their third year!



The lavender has grown some new bright green leaves…

IMG_6313My dead hydrangea lost it’s head today… mwahaha!

I’m not sure if this Love Lies Bleeding is any cop for bees but it’s pretty cute at least, and very reliable! It’s grown back every year and every Autumn I’ve worried I’ve cut it back too much.

IMG_6310So there’s a little update on my rather amateur yard. I took some pretty photos at my parents a few weeks a go that are very spring-like so I will share them soon… I’ll leave you with this cute picture from my yard.





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