The colours of a spring garden


As I’ve said before, we are the proud owners of a rather small backyard that’s unremarkable in many ways. It can’t be much more than a few metres squared, it’s paved and has no lawn, pond or wildflower meadow (all things I wouldn’t mind of course!). It is mine though and I’ve decided to make the most of it. One of my aims with this blog is to learn more about improving the wildlife value of a small suburban place and hopefully to share that with other people who might have a similar, small and seemingly sterile outside area.

There’s a few things I love about my yard, and I’m adding more and more things for me to love as I go along. I mostly prefer the wilder elements – I love the way the ivy drapes itself over one of the walls and the fact that purple Bellflowers sprout amongst it during the summer feeding a range of buzzing bees . We’ve not got a lot of money for garden-stuff so we’ve tried to make the best of what we’ve got. We took an old granite surface from the kitchen before we renovated and put it on piles of bricks to create a bench. We’ve put loads of pots on top, it makes a bit of a focal feature if I do say so myself!

Spring has sprung to use a rather overdone phrase.

The colours and textures are beautiful and fresh. Here’s some pictures, as much as a record for me than anything else.


My husband planted this nice pot up (with my help of course), which is yellow and pink lupins we bought as seedlings from Bolton Market surrounded by pansies we salvaged.I love lupins, you can see them on railway verges during the Summer – makes it worth putting up with the commuting hell!


Our house opens straight on to the street but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a bit of colour for passers by to enjoy! Here’s some little pots my lovely mother in law made for us. It’s pansies, mini dafs and irises or irii – I’m not sure what the plural might be – do you know?


I love Cowslips they’re one of my favourites.


Another beautiful iris.

snowdrop cropped

One of my snowdrops – I planted last year.

I need your help, loyal botanically minded readers…


On Valentine’s I got this rose from my beloved and now it’s sprouting little shoots, does anyone know if there’s any way to plant this? It could be a physical representation of our ever growing love – mwahahaha! Please let me know in the comments if you do, I’ve never taken a cutting or anything before.


Secondly… I took this picture in my dad’s garden, any ideas what this is? My best guess is Common Spotted Orchid but it has a few more leaves than I would have expected.

IMG-20130408-00462 (1)


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