Things to do, places to eat!


I love bank holiday weekends don’t you? Especially ones with a four day weekend rather than three! I had to work Friday and Saturday morning but we tried to make the most of it by spending some time outdoors – walking and gardening – as well as enjoying cakes in some of our favourite haunts (more on that in a minute).

Doffcocker Lodge

Doffcocker Lodge

The husband and I decided to spend the cold but bright Easter Saturday by taking a stroll around Doffcocker Lodge. The lodge used to be a reservoir but is now a local nature reserve, managed by Lancashire Wildlife Trust. It is also a “Site of Biological Importance” because it has a rich area of reedbed and is home to a variety of bird species (including the Common TernReed Bunting and even the rare Slavonian Grebe on occasion. We didn’t look too hard when we visited but we did see some Canada Geese and Mallards and heard some rather loud white Geese (never sure what species they are). I’ll have to return on a quieter day with my bins!

Canada Geese at Doffcocker Lodge

Canada Geese at Doffcocker Lodge

It takes about forty minutes or so to take a leisurely walk around the lodge, and if it’s been raining I’d suggest you take wellies / boots it gets rather muddy in places – and let’s face it wellies are more fun! Dogs are welcome but need to be kept on leads on some parts of the site and as always you need to pick up after them.



There is a car park next to the reserve – but we always forget and end up parked next to the pub across the road – ahem! If you’d like to get directions, learn more about local nature reserves in Bolton or other areas in Lancashire please visit the Lancashire Wildlife Trust’s website. We also love Longworth Clough LNR, especially in Spring / Summer, it’s well worth a visit and in summer is so quiet you can hear the grasshoppers.

After our leisurely stroll we hopped on over to a nearby eatery called “Delicieux” for lunch. If you’re local it’s just near the Chorley Old Road / Johnson Fold roundabout. This small but vibrant cafe has a lovely view over Doffcocker Lodge, which I bet is even more special in the summer. They sell a great range of mezze / charcuterie style deli food, sandwiches and some of  the best chips in Bolton! Coming from such avid chip eater as me that’s got to mean something! They have loads of different types cake which all look lovely. I’d recommend the salted caramel brownie but the range seems to change quite frequently, they had a rainbow cake this weekend. Their facebook site  can be found here.

Easter Monday saw some seed sowing and planting out of some of my bee friendly seeds and seedlings – but no pictures as of yet as it has started going cold again and I’m worried there all going to die! I even managed to rope him indoors into it, although in the end he seemed to enjoy himself- gardening is fun for everyone (if you can get them to try it in the first place!)

So all in  all a lovely Easter Saturday – what did you get up to on Easter weekend?

I’ll leave you with a perfect Spring time scene captured near my parents house in Liverpool – gorgeous or what!?

Crocuses or Croci - I'm not sure but croci sounds more fun!

Crocuses or Croci – I’m not sure but croci sounds more fun!


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