Window Box


Window box

I love Irises, their colour is so fresh and seems almost exotic, so I was pleased when they suddenly  flowered from the window box my mother in law made for us last year (she keeps our house looking respectable). Apologies for the rather dodgy photo, maybe you can tell but I did take it on my phone!

I got a bit worried when I saw the snowflakes descending yet again but fortunately the late March snow hasn’t managed to kill off my pretty window box. Outside my kitchen window I’ve got another window box I made myself,although  it’s not quite as pretty if I’m honest, but I did try to make it bee friendly.  I’ve planted Snowdrops and Snakes Head Fritillaries as well as an onion shoot that started growing in our compost bin but I’m lacking the “ground cover” that the pansies provide. I don’t really have an idea of something to replace that, have you? When it gets warmer I’m going to scatter various seeds in too, I want it to be in flower for as much of the season as possible.

Have you got a window box? If so what types of flowers do you have? Do you love catching sight of them from inside the house too?! Let me know, I’d love to get chatting.


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