The snowdrops are growing up!


OK, so I have been M.I.A. again, but I have been working on stuff behind the scenes, honest!

Firstly, for your viewing pleasure here is a picture of one of my snowdrops bulbs which has started to bloom, YAY! Hopefully if any sleepy bees wake up before Spring my plants will provide some nice breakfast…

He's growing up!

He’s growing up!


We went for a little mini break this week to Burton in Lonsdale – a lovely little village on the border of Cumbria, Yorkshire and Lancashire – to be honest I couldn’t tell you which county it’s in! It was just what the doctor ordered, I feel rested and reinvigorated, and ready to do more blogging! I have loved bird watching since I was a little girl so we decided to spend a day at RSPB Leighton Moss, one of my favourite nature reserves. Finally, we saw the Bittern! A bird that has eluded me for years, there’s thought to be only 75 breeding males here in the UK, although we have visiting Winter Bitterns so numbers swell a bit in the cold months. Here’s a rather crap digiscoped photo of our Bittern…

Where's Wally?

Where’s Wally?

We also encountered a rather confident little robin, he was rather more photogenic than the Bittern.

Cutie Robin

Cutie Robin

I’ve been thinking more about our little yard and trying to make it more friendly to bees and other wildlife. It’s quite a challenge in such a small area, and I’m lucky in that there’s a wooded area at the back of my house, which means there are a lot of invertebrates, birds and even small mammals around. I’ve designed my ideal wildlife yard on paper so I’m going to work on a digital version so I can upload it to hear and get any feedback you might have.

In the mean time I decided to plant some little wildflowers, but I have to wait until March. I don’t have many gardening skills so my plan is just to scatter them in the containers we have, hope for the best, and let nature do the rest (sorry didn’t mean to be a cheesy poet!)


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