Current Inspirations – Round-up


The more research I do for this project the more amazing projects and people I find out about! Its all adding up, shaping my ideas, informing and inspiring me. So I decided to do a round up of my current favourites – maybe they will inspire you too?

Green and Gorgeous – grow beautiful flowers on their Oxfordshire farm, which they cut and form into the most gorgeous arrangements. They provide a brilliant UK based alternative to your bog-standard supermarket blooms, which are mostly grown in far, far away countries, heavily treated with pesticides and then flown over from said tropical climes at great cost to the environment (not so much the consumer as they’re usually suspiciously cheap!). Green and Gorgeous’ flowers are simply,well, gorgeous. They specialise in traditional garden varieties which have amazing scent, colour and vibrancy. I know this because I attended a “Grow Your Own Cut Flowers” course earlier this year, where I learnt a lot and arranged this beautiful bouquet from flowers we cut from their garden. It was a hugely inspiring visit as one of my ambitions is to become an ethical, eco-conscious florist (who looks after bees by planting their favourite meals!). The course provided loads of tips and advice which I’m sure will be invaluable in the future of my own project. I’ve just found their Twitter its @GandGorgeous

Gorgeous… no?!                                                                                                                                                                                                                       (C) Lucy Hesford 2012

In a similar vein to Green and Gorgeous is Higgledy Garden. I’ve recently started following Benjamin Raynard the proprietor of Higgledy Garden on Twitter – he’s a flower farmer who says that he practises “sustainable growing to save the world and impress girls.” Well, Benjamin consider this girl impressed! I also love the Twitter pictures of life around the flower farm – it’s every flower child’s dream! Higgledy Garden have a great blog and as well as selling eco-cut flowers Benjamin sells seeds – well worth remembering. He’s at @higgledygarden on Twitter

I want to read more but my initial glances at Project Maya have been exciting and informative. They are a social enterprise who work to “connect people, place and planet” through education, enterprise, research and campaigns. There’s a lot more to read, but I thought I’d include this diagram I’ve snaffled from their website as it describes how permaculture works. The idea centres around “Earthcare (e.g. restoring soils, habitats and wildflife, recycling and producing no pollution), Peoplecare (e.g. promoting human health and well-being, right livelihoods, and happy communities), and Fairshare (e.g. co-operation, fairly distributing resources and wealth)” – what more could you ask for?! (I copied that quote from their site – they explain it much better than I could!) You can follow them on Twitter @projectmaya

I believe they are funded in part by a rather lovely endeavour which sells seed balls, it’s called er… Seed Ball. You must have heard of them? I think there’s a number of company’s selling them – I even saw them in Waterstones, sometimes they’re called Seed Bombs. They consist of small balls of seeds packed in clay ball form which consist of everything the seed needs to germinate once the conditions outside are good. We, the consumer, simply purchase and distribute somewhere that we think needs prettying up! Et voila, pretty flowers in your neighbourhood with minimal effort and preparation. I’m going to buy some on pay day, they cost £4.50 for 20, and I’ve got some targets already mapped out! Seed Ball’s website is pretty cool and informative too! You can follow them on Twitter @seed_ball.

There’s plenty more sites and projects I’m enjoying reading about but I will save that for an Inspiration Round Up Strike 2! Coming up soon will be some bug-motel building, some winter bird feeding and hopefully some more bee-friendly flower sowing.

Thanks for reading – do you know of any projects, ideas or eco-warriors you think I should read up on? Please leave a comment below!


4 thoughts on “Current Inspirations – Round-up

    • I’m sure they would but you’ll need to top up the pots with compost and then put the seed ball on top I think. Its says something about it on Seed Balls website I’ll look it up x

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