A spot of gardening


Yes, it was definitely time for some gardening today…

My mother in law gave me these (once) beautiful begonias. They did really well and were very pretty all summer. It was really quite nice looking out of my lounge window into a begonia jungle, but I think they’ve finally had it. They are pretty plants but apparently they’re a poor nectar source for bees.

So I’ve decided to replace them with something a bit more bee-friendly.

Snowdrop, Fritillary and Daffodil bulbs (c) Lucy Hesford

Today, then, I’ve planted some species of bulbs I’ve read can provide vital early nectar sources for bees. I don’t have oodles of cash so I only bought two lots this time. I chose Snakes Head Fritillary (Fritillaria meleagris), which are my childhood favourite, Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) and some Daffodils (Narcissus sp.) that my mother in law donated (she’s pretty generous as you can tell!). I’m not sure if Daffodils are all that good for bees but they need using up and they’re undoubtedly pretty :o)

Me being me, I rushed head long into buying the bulbs and also had to get some potting compost. I staggered across the garden centre with a massive bag of compost which seemed to weigh about six stone, wrestled it into the boot of my car, out again, and through my house and to our backyard only to find it has blue slug pellets in it. Boo! This hardly goes along with my natural / organic principals, grrrrrrr! I can’t bear to waste it all though so I’ll just use it up in my own yard and avoid taking it anywhere else – lesson learnt!

Here’s hoping my bulbs end up looking  like these, but with more bees!


Snakes Head Fritillary (BBC’s image), Snowdrop (Scenic Reflections) and Daffodil (c) Lucy Hesford

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