A dream without a plan is just a wish…


Goals for October…

I know, I know, there’s only two days left but I’m off work so maybe I can get something started. This is about the time I would have been starting with the SSE if I had won the grant so it kind of makes sense to get going with or without their money.

  1. Make a brief month by month calendar of what bee-friendly plant species to plant when. Then plant a couple of October’s /November’s species- probably bulbs, in pots, in my backyard (we don’t have a garden). Consolidate my previous research into a more cohesive “plan of attack”.
  2. Do more research on guerrilla gardening… identify a couple of places in my locality to “target”.
  3. Learn how to make seed bombs (if it’s possible for me to make them at home).
  4. Pick a pretty plant from my yard to bring indoors, to liven everything up (this might be a part of my social enterprise plan – so I want to get my practice and start documenting what looks pretty/ seasonal early on. – 30/10/12 – see image below of Quaking Grass from my garden, the seeds of which I was given on a course with Green and Gorgeous
  5. Get reacquainted with what’s going on nature-wise in my area – I might take my camera out for a walk.

    I love Fentiman’s Curiousity Cola, think its a cute bottle to use as a vase too



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