My progress has slowed somewhat in the last few months. Unfortunately, I am somebody who gets discouraged easily and my skin is not thick… at all. A number of things happened putting me off my idea – 1. I didn’t get my grant from the SSE , despite the fact hat I did get some positive feedback from them about my idea, 2. I’ve not been feeling too perky the last few months, 3. Other times, it seems like the problem is too big and important, and there are lots of other cool projects trying to help bees – why would mine help at all?  BLAH, BLAH, BLAH and another BLAH!

Then I met this little guy…

Apologies for the rather naff photo, my phone is not the best.

I found him crawling on the ground slowly on the pavement near my house. Previously, I have volunteered with a place in Liverpool who have a hive and they told me often when bees are crawling on the floor they are running out of energy to fly back to their nest, or have gotten cold. I was worried somebody would stomp on him so I brought him some sugary water which helped him perk up a bit and then kept him warm for a while. I put him in my yard and he clung to this plant all night. I kept going outside to check on him and was worried because he just clung to this plant barely moving – I bet he was preserving energy. The next day it was unseasonably warm for October and he had flown away whilst I was at work – YAY!

I know it seems a bit of a daft thing to do but it reminded me of the old story below. It felt like a bit of reminder, perhaps from God, to carry on and try and work towards the things I feel on my heart. I might not be able to make a big difference but I can, at least, try my best.


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