A most inspiring day!


In May I sent in an application for the Lloyds Programme at SSE (School of Social Entrepreneurs), to learn more visit their page http://www.the-sse.org/schools/26/lloyds-banking-group-social-entrepreneurs-programme – cool huh? In case you don’t visit the link, a place on the Lloyds and SSE’s Start Up programme comes with a grant of £4000 towards your project and a place on an SSE northwest support programme.

Earlier this year I attended an SSE short course in Leigh, called Enterprising Women, and it’s hard to say what a difference, the support group or action learning as SSE call it, made to my confidence and self belief. On that course I was taught that my potential is truly in my hands – can’t get a conservation job?! Well I’ll make my own project, be it’s founder and MD, and it will be the perfect combination of my particular skills, talent and experience! All it takes is focus, vision and hardwork! As you might be able to tell I think the SSE’s way of thinking is so empowering! I was so happy when a week or so ago I got an email saying I had got through to the next stage of the process – HOORAY!

Today was an Information Day, where I got to meet other applicants, hear about their projects and network. I have to say I’ve come home more fired up about the Birds and Bees than ever! It was amazing to meet such an amazing range of inspiring people who want to make a difference in the world.

I was extremely nervous about my pitch, despite the room being really warm (atmosphere wise) and friendly but I worked hard preparing and I hope my enthusiasm came across! Fingers crossed next week goes well too, as I think a place on this programme would be an absolute gift!

Not a bee, but I like birds too 🙂
(c) Lucy Hesford


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